Opening Up Genesis - OUS

By Kurt Strassner

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ICM Price £5.99

RRP: £7.00 (Saving of 14%)

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Genesis is the book of beginnings.

But it is also a book about God.

“In the beginning God” is the opening freeze-frame of the Bible.

If we go back in time before the world sprung into being, we find God.

If we ask where the world came from, Genesis answers: God.

If we wonder why the universe continues to operate in an orderly, timely, predictable fashion, the answer in Genesis is God.

And as we ponder how all this ancient information has been preserved and passed down to us, the answer again is God, who gave this book to Moses and had him write it down for the ages. Kurt Strassner leads readers through Genesis with clarity and application, showing its vital relevance to our modern world.

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Publisher Day One
Type Paperback
ISBN 9781846251597
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