1 & 2 Peter - 1, 2 & 3 John & Jude WTBT

By Nicholson, Waugh, Gooding & McShane

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What the Bible Teaches is a series of commentaries published with a view to opening up in a clear concise manner the teaching of the New Testament. The contributions are well known Bible expositors, having ministered the Word and conducted Bible Readings in many of the English speaking countries of the world. The style is both expository and practical.

Each commentary has been written specifically for the series, and has not been taken from tapes or culled from other publications. To the enquiring mind, this and companion volumes in the series are a storehouse of divine truth, being the outcome of many years of study and experience.

Commentary for those interested in serious Bible study. The style is both expository and practical, and accuracy is wonderfully matched with readability.

This volume covers the Epistles of Peter, the Epistles of John and Jude.

1 Peter (J.B. Nicholson)

2 Peter (G.P. Waugh)

1,2 & 3 John (A.M.S. Gooding)

Jude (A McShane)

This is a commentary specifically aimed at the Christian reader interested in serious Bible study. Each volume has an introduction, an outline, a bibliography and a careful verse-by-verse exposition.

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