Can You Handle Truth: Perspectives on 2 Timothy

By Kendall R T & Sampson Andrew

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ICM Price £6.99

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Contrast the styles between these two authors as they take us through the second letter to Timothy chapter by chapter.

They bring perspectives and insights from Paul's teaching to challenge and inspire both younger and older readers.Based on 2 Timothy, this book helps reader's uncover key truths about the gospel of Jesus and how it is to be understood, lived and preached. Challenges readers to be sure of what they believe and to stand by those beliefs.

The main thing about 2 Timothy, apart from the almost certain fact that it was Paul's last letter, is the integrity of the gospel, says R T Kendall. These were vital reasons why Paul made sure that everything he wanted to say to his protege, Timothy, was stated clearly. He knew this was it! So we are encouraged to take all the more seriously what he says.

Andrew Sampson draws out how Paul is saying that Timothy is not to allow himself to be swept along in the movements of his time, however fashionable they may be and however unpopular it will make him. This letter is, therefore, at its heart a call to loyalty: loyalty to the gospel as revealed in Christ and proclaimed by Paul.

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