Atonement Matters

By Barnes Tom

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Atonement Matters is first and foremost a book that calls teachers, preachers, counselors, parents, and authors to follow Paul's admonition to Titus and to declare unashamedly the full and rich biblical teaching on the atonement. This doctrine states that Christ came not merely to make all mankind savable. Instead, he came to save effectively and fully his chosen, his church, his bride. In other words, God truly saves sinners! To accomplish this goal within the book, four main reasons will be offered.

First, we must declare this view of the atonement because it is what the Bible teaches. Evidence will be offered by means of an examination of the salvific terminology used in the scriptures, an overview of how atonement was approached in the Old Testament---along with the bearing this has on our understanding of the New Testament teaching.

Second, we will see that we must declare this view of the atonement because it is theologically sound. We will gain an understanding of how other doctrines impact this issue, and then a look at both those passages which are traditionally used by the advocates of general atonement to support their position.

Third, we will see that we ought to declare definite atonement with confidence because it has a long and rich history in the church. Finally, it will be demonstrated that definite atonement needs to be declared because of the strength it affords for the life and ministry of the church as she serves and glorifies her great Saviour.

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