He Gave Us Stories

By Richard Pratt

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ICM Price £19.99

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Stories are among the primary means God uses to reveal His true to us in Scripture. The Old Testament is filled with stories: Noah and the ark, Daniel in the lions den, Ruth and Boaz - stories of great men and women of God. What does God want us to learn from these stories?

Is there more to them than meets the eye? The author of this volume says "Yes" and carefully outlines the method for grasping the wisdom of these ageless narratives.

Beginning with the role of the Holy Spirit, he sets for a three step process of Biblical interpretation which is preparation, investigation and application.

Pratt is sensitive to the needs of both the beginner and the theological student.

As he insightfully guides us through considerations of attitudes and orientation, language and history, writers and characters, scenes and events, and ancient and modern culture, and there is more as well!

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Publisher Presbyterian & Reformed
Type Paperback
ISBN 9780875523798
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