When Skeletons Come Out of the Closets

By John R Rice

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ICM Price £14.99

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When Skeletons Come Out of the Closets by John R Rice.

“When Skeletons Come Out of Closets” and ten other sermons were

preached in “Red Hot Revival Services.” These are classic examples of messages used by God to turn men and women back to Christ and sweep cities with the sweet breathe of Revival.

* Christian – within these pages there is the water of refreshment if your soul needs an oasis.

* Seeker of truth – if you are worried about life after death, about how to have peace with God, within this book you will find the answer from God's word, the Holy Bible.

“Everybody that goes to hell gets exactly what he deserves. He walks up to the ticket window and pays his own fare to hell – in wages! But everybody that goes to heaven rides on a free pass.”

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