Faces About the Cross

By Clovis Chappell

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Faces About the Cross by Clovis G Chappell.

This book is a series of 16 sermons based on biblical characters who were involved with or present at the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. Like many of his books, this volume is for the preacher who seeks to preach a sermon or a series of sermons on Bible characters. In saying that, it would also make an excellent resource for prayer meetings, and for private devotions.

Titles of the sermons in this book are:

* The Steadfast Face

* A Nameless Hero

* Critics and Criticism

* The Little Outlaw

* The Great Outlaw

* The Conscript

* The False Friend

* Mistaken Tears

* Pilate The Coward

* Pilate the Stubborn

* Heartless Lies

* The Overconfident Friend

* The Timid Friend

* Annas The Politician

* That Fox

* Epilogue: When Death Is Gain

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