CSB Study Bible for Boys, Hardback Edition


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ICM Price £19.99

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CSB Study Bible for Boys, Hardback Edition and published by Baker Books.

The CSB Study Bible for Boys helps boys to discover God's special plan for them to become men of true Christian character with a unique study Bibles designed just for them. The CSB Study Bible for Boys is specially designed for the unique needs and interests boys ages 8 to 12.

Features Include:

* Book introductions- descriptive features that highlight the contents of each book of the Bible

* Brief devotionals that encourage boys to read, think, and pray about their personal lives and relationships.

* Biographical sketches of men boys can admire and emulate.

* Details what life was like for a man in Bible times.

* "Be All You Can Be"- Challenges boys to act appropriately, make right decisions, and choose worthwhile values

* Drawings, illustrations, and maps

* Supplements to assist understanding of the Bible in proper context

Alongside the Christian Standard Bible translation, these features help boys discover a healthy and godly personal identity, guiding them past culture's deceptive stereotypes and into sound and successful relationships with God and others.

Product Details

Publisher Baker
Type Hardback
ISBN 9780801073434
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