Sit - Walk - Stand

By Nee Watchman

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ICM Price £4.99

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Sit - Walk - Stand by Watchman Nee and published by Classics.

Sit - Walk - Stand is an inspiring look at Ephesians which opens our eyes and brings us right down to the central and clear issues of our faith. This book describes the process of Christian living and maturity in three words:

* SIT: Our position in Christ

* WALK: Our life in the world

* STAND: Our attitude toward the enemy

Of all Paul’s epistles, it is in Ephesians that we find the highest spiritual truths concerning the Christian life and at the same time it is intensely practical. The message of book expresses at once the triumphant assurance in the finished work of Christ and the humble sense of the high qualities called for by His servants.

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Publisher Classics
Type Paperback
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