1200 More Notes, Quotes and Anecdotes

By Archibald Naismith

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ICM Price £14.99

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1200 More Notes, Quotes and Anecdotes by Archibald Naismith and published by Classics.

This book is a sequel to previous volume of “1200 Notes, Quotes and Anecdotes”, and it has a similar purpose in view, namely:

* To provide the preacher with quotations and illustration from history, biography, science and everyday experience. * To convey Bible teaching on variety of themes in a simple and interesting way.

* To demonstrate the effects of Christian doctrine on the lives and writings of those who have proved the infallibility of the Word of God revealed in the Bible.

Most of the quotations are not as old as the previous volume and hopefully this collection may be of more use for current matters. To the usual indexes of subjects and texts has been added as Index of Persons, Peoples and Places which will add to the users interest and enable the reader to find information on specific persons or topics.

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Publisher Classics
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