Barnhouse on Romans - Volume 3 - CCS

By Donald Grey Barnhouse

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ICM Price £29.99

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Barnhouse on Romans - Volume 03 by Donald Grey Barnhouse and published by Classics.

Using his own translation, Barnhouse provides a comprehensive exegetical treatment of Paul's letter to the Romans that is renowned for its depth of insight, yet highly accessible to all readers. Though a respected scholar, Barnhouse spent most of his career as a dedicated pastor and was praised widely for his unusual ability to make the biblical message clear and practical.

In Romans, Barnhouse uses Paul's famous epistle as a jumping-off point for a detailed exposition of core biblical doctrines. He proceeds phrase-by-phrase through the text and long the way each passage is examined in its immediate context and then related to broader biblical teaching. This allows Barnhouse to faithfully adhere to the Reformation maxim that Scripture interprets Scripture, and that it is clear in its teaching, infallible, and authoritative, therefore his focus on Romans becomes an exposition on the doctrines of the entire Bible.

Those who have never reader Donald Grey Barnhouse will appreciate his distinctive and lucid writing, while those familiar with his work will again be able to hear a faithful and classic presentation of the Bible's message.

Volume Three covers Chapters 5:12 - 8:39

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