Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

By Theodore H Epp

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Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage by Theodore H Epp.

We’re living in an age in which God's sacred institution of marriage is being attacked from every side. Divorce is rampart, affecting almost half of marriage, and multiple remarriages and divorces are now commonplace. Christians are not immune from this problem.

Now, more than ever, believers must know what the Bible says about marriage, divorce and remarriage and honestly seek to follow the Lord's will in this matters.

* What are God’s guidelines for marriage?

* What about the Christian married to an unbeliever?

* Does the Lord allow divorce in certain cases?

* It is permissible to remarry if you are the “innocent party”?

In this book, Theodore Epp analyses the Scriptures to find God's answers to these and other vital questions.

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Publisher India
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