The Sword Book of Treasures; Soltau, Carroll; O J Smith, R A Torrey

By John R Rice, R A Torrey, B J Carroll, G Soltau

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ICM Price £17.99

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The Sword Book of Treasures by John R Rice et al.

This is really a "book of treasures." We believe that you will find here some of the choicest gems of Christian literature ever printed. They are a collection of articles; sermons and stories that we first printed in “The Sword of the Lord”, the evangelistic weekly which Dr. Rice edited for years. They are selected from the material printed in nearly six hundred issues of this Christian magazine, and are by writers famous and little-known, living and dead.

This is a family book. The growing child and the aged saint alike will find delight and wisdom and refreshing in these pages. It will be read over and over again. We can think of almost nothing that will make as delightful a gift as this book. And the best thing about it is that every chapter is true to the Bible, truly exalting to the Lord Jesus Christ, and every page we trust, will help people to love and serve the dear Son of Cod who died to save us from our sins, who rose again, ascended on high, and who ever lives to make intercession for us, according to the will of God. Contributors includes:

George Soltau

B J Carroll

Oswald J Smith

Hyman J Appelman

R A Torrey

John R Rice

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Publisher India
Type Paperback
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