Commentary on the Book of Acts, Filled by the Spirit - CCS

By Rice John R

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ICM Price £17.99

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Commentary on the Book of Acts, Filled by the Spirit - CCS by John R Rice.

“Of nearly five hundred feet of shelves in my Library,” writes the author “about sixty feet are filled with commentaries on the Bible. But those commentaries are rarely quoted here. We have felt that there was need for very careful, simple, literal Bible teaching calling attention to what the Scriptures expressly say, explaining Scriptures with other Scriptures, that the Word of God itself may have the mighty and miraculous impact God intended.”

John Rice believes the Bible, loves it, and has spent more time on the book of Acts than on any other in the Bible. His desire is that this volume will play a part in winning souls, and as far as the author is concerned it has somewhat prepared his heart for teaching in the book of Acts about New Testament churches, soul winning and the fulness of the Spirit.

After enormous labour and great blessing this commentary on the book of Acts is commended to the charitable interest of God’s people and to the merciful blessing of God. May the Holy Spirit guide each seeking, believing, loving heart as God’s people use this book for their edification and His glory.

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