World Chaos; Its Root and Remedy

By Lang G H

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World Chaos; Its Root and Remedy by G H Lang and published by Classics.

The World is sick. No one today denies that fact and people everywhere and looking for a remedy. But to find that remedy, we need to know more about the disease. Is it chronic or acute? What is its cause? Will the remedies that have been proposed really cure the disease or its symptoms?

In these pages the author, G H Lang, after a wide investigation into this subject seeks to answer these questions. And he does os in a fresh and arresting way – investigating not only the causes of that impotent bewilderment that afflicts modern human beings, but also carrying his backward into the past and forward into the future – into that super-world-state that is already been mooted as man’s answer to world chaos.

So what is the remedy to this chaos? The author does not confront the reader with his own opinions, be they wise or foolish, but turns, to use his own words “an ancient oriental book once tolerably well known in the West, but today considerably neglected and even despised.” Standing aside from the theories of men he examines afresh present world-conditions in their spiritual significance, and takes us back to Divine revelation to find the only ultimate remedy.

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