Abraham - Father of the Jews - CCS - BBS

By John Butler

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ICM Price £17.99

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Abraham - Father of the Jews - CCS by John G Butler and published by Classics.

“The study of Abraham’s life will not only be an instructive and rewarding experience in seeing many Gospel truths, but it will also be a very helpful experience in learning how to walk the life of faith in God's Word; for the Gospel not only involves the saving of the soul, but it also involves a new walk of faith,” writes Butler in the preface to “Abraham: The Father of the Jews”. Butler examines Abraham’s extraordinary life in the following chapters:

* Summons from God

* Sojourning in Egypt

* Separation from Lot

* Soldiership of Abraham * Sovereigns and Abraham

* Sureties for Promises

* Scheme of Sarah

* Speaking with God

* Strangers from Heaven

* Shame in Gerar

* Son of Promise

* Summit with Abimelech

* Sacrificing of Isaac

* Sepulcher for Sarah

* Spouse for Isaac

* Servant of Abraham

* Sunset of Life

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Publisher Classics
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