Eccentric Preachers

By C H Spurgeon

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Eccentric Preachers by C H Spurgeon and published by Classics.

Spurgeon writes “As ministers we are very far from being perfect, but many of us are doing our best, and we are grieved that the minds of our people should be more directed to our personal imperfections than to our divine message. God has purposely put his treasure in earthen vessels that the excellency of the power should be ascribed to himself alone: we beseech our hearers not to be so occupied with the faults of the casket as to forget the jewel. Wisdom is justified of her children, and grace works by such instruments as it pleases. Reader, be it yours to profit by all my Master’s servants.”

These “eccentric preachers” are:

Hugh Latimer

Hugh Peters

Daniel Burgess

John Berridge

Rowland Hill

Matthew Wilks

William Dawson

Jacob Gruber

Edward Taylor

Edward Brooke

Billy Bray

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Publisher Classics
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