Living Abundantly - Studies in Ephesians - CCS

By Epp Theodore H

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ICM Price £11.99

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Living Abundantly - Studies in Ephesians - CCS by Theodore H Epp.

The Book of Ephesians has been called “The Grand Canyon of Scripture” because of its emphasizing its grandeur and splendour and the spiritual depths to which it goes.

Another commentator has called it “the Pikes Peak of the Scriptures”, emphasizing that height the book attains as it reveals the believer’s glorious position in Christ.

These studies in Ephesians reach both the spiritual depths and heights, as they present the believer with a solid foundation for his position in Christ. The author explains the first three chapters of the book as covering the issue of Doctrine;

chapters 4 to 6:9 describe the practice of a true believer in Christ and chapter 6:10 – 20 defines the conflict a believer will be confront with in Christ.

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