The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - CCS

By Epp Theodore H

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The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - CCS by Theodore H Epp.

In the title The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the emphasis is on the word "God." The men involved were important only as they permitted Cod to reveal Himself through their lives. In these three men we see the long suffering and patience of God in moulding men into what He wants them to be. When God begins to do a work in a man's life, He does not stop until that work is finished. this is never more clearly seen than in the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The biographical studies of these three men are not left on the parched pages of history. They are brought home pointedly to the 21st century Christian. These men were not perfect. They were mightily used of God, but they also had great weaknesses. The present-day believer will be encouraged to realize that if God could do such a work in the lives of these men, He can work mightily in his life also. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were distinctively different. Abraham had an obedient falth, Isaac had a passive faith, and Jacob had a restless faith.

Somewhere in the lives of these three men every believer will find himself. From the pages of this book you wiII gain a new appreciation of how God is able to take what the world considers foolish and use it to put to shame what the world considers wise. You will thrill at the ways of Cod as you see how He works out His sovereign plan through human vessels. The study of the lives of these three men will give you a greater concept of who God is and what He wants to do through your life.

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