Susanna Wesley, Her Remarkable Life

By Comfort Ray

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Susanna Wesley, Her Remarkable Life by Ray Comfort & Trish Ramos and published by Bridge Logos. The life of Susanna Wesley 1669-1742 is both intriguing and illuminating to explore. This book presents her life in ways that will astound the modern reader.

Susanna was brought up in a Puritan home as the youngest of twenty-five children. As a teenager, she became a member of the Church of England. She became the wife of a chronically debt-ridden parish rector in an English village. She said, “I have had a large experience of what the world calls adverse fortune.” Nonetheless, Susanna managed to pass down to her children Christian principles that stayed with them.

Ray Comfort and Trish Ramos quote from Susanna’s many letters and other sources to reveal a true woman of faith, who strongly endured the trials of life. Susanna Wesley: Her Remarkable Life gives readers a generous glimpse into the life of this exemplary wife and mother.

In addition, the authors provide us with contemporary illustrations and faith-building stories that parallel Susanna’s experiences of walking out her faith.

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