ESV - The Action Bible

By Catherine DeVries

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ICM Price £19.99

RRP: £24.99 (Saving of 20%)

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ESV - The Action Bible edited by Catherine DeVries, illustrated by Sergio Cariello and published by David C Cook.

Within these pages ... you'll read the most amazing true stories and see God's Word come to life in incredible detail with dramatic illustrations from comic book artist, Sergio Cariello. You'll explore ancient worlds in new and exciting ways and meet fascinating kings and queens, heroic warriors, faithful prophets, and daring revolutionaries. And, within your life, you will see God in action! Combined with the complete text of the ESV Bible, "The Action Bible Study Bible ESV" includes these amazing features:

"What About This?" Gain insights to tough questions about faith

"Unlock It!" Who did what, when, and where ... and why it matters

"Guess It!" Person, place, or thing--take the challenge with 5 clues

"Activate" Reflect on Bible themes and how they apply now

"Ancient Archives" Discover the cultural history of ancient times - what were weapons, food, clothes, houses, celebrations and traditions like?

"Experience the Drama" Comic book artist Sergio Cariello's dramatic illustrations captures the imagination and transports you to another time

Plus book introductions, maps, a dictionary, and more!

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Publisher Cook
Type Hardback
ISBN 9781434708717
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