Famous Atheists

By Comfort Ray

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ICM Price £4.49

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Famous Atheists: Their Senseless Argument and How to Easily Answer Them by Ray Comfort and published by Bridge Logos.

Ray Comfort - a well-known Christian apologist - looks at the Lives and Words of Famous Atheists.

What do atheists believe, if anything? What are some common lies they tell? What arguments do they make? It will fascinate the reader to learn of some of the world's most famous atheists: Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, John Lennon, Steve Jobs, Brad Pitt, Hugh Hefner, Charles Darwin, and many more.

What do these people have in common? How do atheists view God, Jesus, the Bible, Heaven and hell, sin and salvation? This book will give answers to these questions and provide the reader with greater understanding of this growing segment of our population.

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Publisher Bridge Logos
Type Paperback
ISBN 9781610361347
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