Predators in our Pulpits

By Phillip Keller

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Predators in our Pulpits: A Compelling Call to Follow Christ in Perilous Times by W Phillip Keller.

Is the greatest threat to the church today not from without from our own leadership within? Phillip Keller in this book declares his increasing concern over the growing perversion of the Word of God. He asks the questions:

* Are our leaders guiding us to an authentic relationship with Christ, or are many merely providing balm for everyday life?

* Why are we hearing less and less of the true Gospel Message?

* Are we neglecting the unsaved and failing to provide answers for Christians living discontented lives?

* How deeply committed are we to proclaiming God's truth and adhering to His commands?

In the face of today's spiritual perils, Keller presses every Christian lay-person to examine the state of the Christian Church and depend upon Christ alone.

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