Message Remix 2.0 Hypercolor Vinyl: Pink

By Peterson Eugene

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ICM Price £22.99

RRP: £27.99 (Saving of 18%)

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The Message Remix 2.0 is packed with a variety of features ideal for students and youth pastors. This latest version of the best selling Message Remix is 20% thinner than its predecessor and includes expanded book introductions, a topical concordance of student related material and reference resources with maps and charts. Available in seven refreshingly cool binding styles and as always... includes the exclusive Message numbering system.

* 20% thinner than the original

* Expanded introductions to each book of the Bible including unique information about the author and events in world history * New topical concordance of issues students face every day

* Charts that explain the chronological order of the Old Testament and New Testament books.

* Five new handcrafted maps

* Exclusive Message verse numbering system

* 7" x 5.25"

* Pink Hypercolor Vinyl

Product Details

Publisher Navpress
Type Vinyl
ISBN 9781600060250
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