Truth About Man - A Biblical Study of the Doctrine of Man Truth About Man - A Biblical Study of the Doctrine of Man

Truth About Man - A Biblical Study of the Doctrine of Man

By Washer Paul

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The disciplines of science, philosophy, and religion are full of theories put forth by men attempting to explain, or explain away, the fundamental flaws of humanity. But the problem with man is best explained by His Creator. If we as creatures are to find a remedy for our plight, we must seek it in God, who alone can save. Through a guided study of God's own words, and under various systematic headings, The Truth about Man unfolds the desperate condition of humanity. As the second part in a series of rich, biblical studies, this workbook provides the reader with a no-nonsense Bible study on a fundamental tenant of the Christian gospel - the lost condition of man.

Like the previous book, The One True God, this workbook keeps the student engaged directly with the Bible throughout the entire study. It is intended not just to teach truth, but to lead to an encounter with the living God and a deeper understanding of the magnitude of our salvation by demonstrating man's true need of God's redemption. In this study students are encouraged to thoughtfully draw conclusions from the Scriptures rather than to merely absorb the principles, inferences, and illustrations set before them by the author. For this reason the book includes very little of such material and instead focuses on digesting the Scriptures directly.

Learning in this way, the reader is set on a firm foundation and will readily perceive the centrality and high authority of biblical doctrine within the Christian life. The study of doctrine is both an intellectual and devotional discipline. Therefore students are encouraged throughout the study to think through and apply the truths they learn, meditating on the demands of Scripture for their heart and mind. The book puts us squarely in the middle of the material and requires we give searching thought to God's assertions about man.

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Publisher Granted Ministries
Type Hardback
ISBN 9780981732114
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