How not too Date a Loser

By Shaffer Georgia

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Millions of Christian singles struggle to make smart, Christ–honoring choices as they confront the challenges of today’s hook–up culture. Psychologist and life coach Georgia Shaffer takes a fresh look at the increasingly complicated dating scene and provides hope, encouragement, and practical solutions for those who want to choose well in the most important relationship of their lives.

Shaffer explores why many singles don’t always choose well in their dating relationships and provides readers the strategies they need for growth, healthy intimacy, and wise choices. Singles who follow her advice will learn how to

* take an honest assessment of their dating relationships

* recognize their blind spots

* protect themselves from potentially poor choices

* understand the difference between romance and love.

Dating can be difficult, even scary at times. How Not to Date a Loser offers sage advice for those who want to avoid the trauma and pain of failed relationships.

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Publisher Harvest
Type Paperback
ISBN 9780736922821
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