Chosen in Christ: The Glory of Grace in Ephesians 1

By Phillips Richard

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ICM Price £6.99

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The Apostle Paul broke into doxologies when writing about the electing grace of God.

For him, as it should be for us, this crucial doctrine should not be something viewed as a "cold lifeless doctrine" but that a revelation of God's sovereign mercy which stirs the heart and mind and comforts the soul.

In this thoroughly engaging exposition of Ephesians 1 Phillips writes 'there is no raging debate within the God-head concerning our place in salvation, no tension or awkward silences or heated conversations.

Rather there is a grand and cohesive conspiracy of love originated in the eternal and sovereign grace of the Father."

This book is precious good news for every believer.

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Publisher Presbyterian & Reformed
Type Paperback
ISBN 9780875527925
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