Bible Has the Answer

By Morris Henry

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ICM Price £8.99

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How do we know the Bible is true? Why did God create the universe? How will we spend eternity? Neglecting and rejecting God’s Word has its consequences: abortion, AIDS, troubled relationships, crime, immorality, personal freedoms – the Bible is vital in solving (and preventing) the very real problems facing people today.

# Will all men eventually be saved

# How can I know God’s will

# Is a Christian supposed to obey the government?

# Why did God create Satan?

# Is the end of the world near?

There are many questions today that demand answers in our daily lives; we can’t avoid them. After reading this book, you’ll clearly see answers to questions such as these, and others questions that affect our Christian walk.

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Publisher Master Books
Type Paperback
ISBN 9780890510186
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