Names of Israel

By Koessler John

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ICM Price £2.99

RRP: £4.99 (Saving of 40%)

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If God were to give His children a name, what would it be? As it turns out, it would be more than one! When God spoke of His people, Israel, He purposely called them a variety of names. Each name is full of significance. God's names for Israel reveal much about how He viewed them and how He wanted them to respond to His grace and work in their lives.

In this book, the reader will see that there is a lot of power in a name - especially in the names that God the Father calls His people. And in the Biblically rich and practically illustrated book, Dr Koessler wisely guides the reader through a study of the name that God called His people, Israel, including:

* The Vineyard of the Lord Almighty

* The People I formed Myself

* My Delight

* The Children of Promise

Along the way, you'll not only learn about God and His faithfulness - you'll discover afresh how He feels and acts not just towards Israel, but also towards His church.

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