Covid 19 What to Believe? Whom to Trust?

By Bell Sam & Anna

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Covid-19, What to Believe? Whom to Trust? by Sam & Anna Bell and published by SAB Publishing.

In this booklet, Sam and Anna Bell make available the fruits of the considerable amount of information and data they have amassed over the past year concerning the Covid-19 crisis. In a document that was originally written for family members and close friends, they set out in an orderly fashion the conclusions they have reached.

Their research raises disturbing and troubling questions about the official narrative from government, scientists, and the mainstream media, and they point to credible scientific sources that give a very different narrative. They also give the reader some suggest as to the factors and forces that may lie behind recents events, and the many references are given to evidence their conclusions which allow the reader to find out more.

What makes this booklet better than some other is that they give Biblical reasons to explain what is happening, and how we should seriously consider the issues which we are confronted with. One theologian has commented that the work is "carefully written, meticulously researched."

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