KJV Holy Bible for Kids, Blue/Yellow Imitation Leather


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ICM Price £17.99

RRP: £20.99 (Saving of 14%)

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KJV Holy Bible for Kids, Blue/Yellow Imitation Leather and published by Hendrickson.

A Bible that encourages kids to dig in and grow their faith! The stories of how God created the universe, rescued His people Israel from slavery and sent His Son to forgive our sins are amazing. But how do young people find out all about them? This colorful, affordable Bible---containing the complete Old and New Testament of the King James Version—is just what they need. It has big, easy to read type and the words of Jesus are in eye-catching red letter text. And, there are twenty-four striking illustrations throughout that help tell the Bible's story in a powerful way.

Features include:

* 24 pages of color illustrations

* Red letter text

* Presentation page

* Harmony of the Gospels

* Miracles of the Old Testament

* Miracles of the New Testament

* Parables of the Old Testament

* Old Testament Prophecies of the Passion

* Parables of the New Testament

* Scofield text

* Recommended for ages 8-12

* 10-point text size

* 8.50" x 5.75"

Product Details

Publisher Hendrickson
Type Imitation Leather
ISBN 9781619706965
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