KJV Giant Print Sword Study Bible, Black Genuine Leather


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ICM Price £36.99

RRP: £42.99 (Saving of 14%)

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KJV Giant Print Sword Study Bible, Black Genuine Leather and published by Whitaker House.

For over four centuries the King James Version has been the most treasured translation of the Bible. No other version matches the beauty of its writing or the depth of its meaning. The KJV Sword Study Bible contains the resources to enhance your biblical study, such as articles on the names and attributes of God, biblical terms and definitions, historical outlines, an extensive concordance, and detailed maps. Also the special Topical Concordance of Biblical Words, found at the end of this Bible, will provide countless aids for locating desired subjects and verses.

Unique to the KJV Sword Study Bible our Bibles is a red letter Old Testament as well as a red letter New Testament. In the Old Testament, the red lettering is the direct words of God Himself. Quotations of God’s word by people or angels are encircled with a red rule.In the New Testament, the traditional color scheme is used, denoting the words of Christ in red. Here citations of the direct words of God from the Old Testament have been encircled in red. Likewise, quotations of the words of God or of Christ by others have been encircled in red.


* Complete Red Letter edition - the only Bible with God's spoken words in red in both Testaments

* Thematic study guide with over 3,000 margin notes covering more than 90 topics providing a years' worth of study that takes you from cover to cover of the Bible

* Extensive concordance

* Difficult terms underlined and defined at the end of the verse

* Outlines and summaries at the beginning of each book

* An extensive Treasury of Biblical Information on history, science, prophecy, and more

* Eight pages of maps

* Presentation page

* Ribbon marker

* Silver page edges

* Large 15-point text size

* 9.75" x 7.75" x 2.00"

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Publisher Whitaker
Type Genuine Leather
ISBN 9781629115313
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