I Call It Heresy - Studies in 1 Peter - CCS

By A W Tozer

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I Call It Heresy - Studies in 1 Peter - CCS by A W Tozer and published by Classics.

Tozer attacks the “notable heresy” that humans can choose to accept Christ and have the right to postpone indefinitely obedience to Him as Lord. From his “anguish over the whole matter” come these sermons based on First Peter. "The truth is", he says, ”that salvation apart from obedience is unknown in the sacred Scriptures”. From the Book of First Peter comes twelve studies which are:

1. Call It Heresy!

2. The Bible Is Not Dead!

3. You Can Have the Trappings!

4. Never Apologize for God's Mercy!

5. Holiness Is Not an Option!

6. God Names Me His Beneficiary!

7. Qualities of a Divine Inheritance!

8. Was Your Humility Showing Today?

9. Husband and Wife: A Partnership!

10. Trust God with Your Emotions!

11. The Christian Has a Right to Grin!

12. Where Will the “Experts” Be When Jesus Comes?

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