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By Butler John

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ICM Price £14.99

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Joshua - The Conqueror for Canaan by John G Butler and published by Classics.

"He [Joshua] was one of the greatest leaders Israel ever had and led them both as a military leader and as a statesman," Butler writes in the Preface of Joshua: The Conqueror of Canaan, "In both positions, he excelled as few men before or after him." Butler examines Joshua in the following chapters:

* Called of God

* Commencement of Duty

* Checking out Jericho

* Crossing the Jordan

* Consecration for Combat

* Conquest of Jericho

* Corruption in Israel

* Conflict with Ai

* Craftiness of Gibeon

* Campaign for Gibeon

* Conquering the North

* Completing the Task

* Counsel for Israel

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