Five Views on Law and the Gospel - Counterpoint Series

By Gundry Bahnsen Kaiser Walter - Moo D J - VanGemeren

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Do the law and the Gospel belong to two separate dispensations? Has the Gospel replaced the Law? What is the relevance of the Old Testament Law to our lives as Christians? Is there continuity between it and what Christ expects of us in the gospel? It is no secret that Christians have differed widely on these questions. This explores five major approaches to this important biblical topic that have developed in protestant circles. Each of the five authors presents his particular perspective on the issue and responds to the other four.

William A. VanGemeren (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) presents a non-theonomic Reformed view of the use of the law.

Greg L. Bahnsen (Southern California Center for Christian Sutides) argues for a theonomic reformed approach.

Walter C. Kaiser (Gordon-Conwell Seminary) maintains that the weightier issues of the Law of Moses are binding on believers today.

Wayne G. Strickland (Multnomah School of the Bible) advocates the dispensational view.

Douglas J. Moo (Trinity Evangelical School) proposes a modified Lutheran approach with a clear antithesis between the Law and the Gospel.

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