The Gospel According to John - CCS *

By Morgan G Campbell

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ICM Price £14.99

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The Gospel According to John - CCS, G C Morgan Signature Commentary Series by G Campbell Morgan and published by Classics.

As a Greek scholar, Biblical expositor and teacher, Dr Morgan did for years, stood without peer. This exposition of John’s Gospel has proved highly valuable. Dr Morgan’s style in clear and his command of his subject, complete.

The Gospel of John has been described as ‘the most profoundest book in the world’. ‘The Word became flesh - we beheld His glory’ if we have caught some vision of the many coloured glories merging into the white light of this revelation then that will help us to come to a fuller understanding of this Gospel in the days and years to come.

A volume useful for both private study and sermon preparation.

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Publisher Classics
Type Paperback
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