Joseph, God Planned it for Good - CCS

By Epp Theodore H

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Joseph, God Planned it for Good - CCS by Theodore H Epp

Joseph had been sold by his brothers, slandered by his master’s wife, slighted by the Pharaoh’s butler. Surely something must have interfered with the plans of God.

From his place in a dark Egyptian prison, Joseph no doubt found it difficult to imagine how God was going to fulfill the plans his early dreams had revealed to him.

And yet he never lost his faith in God. Joseph knew that if God had indeed chosen him for a great task, God would see that he was free to accomplish it.

And the rest of the story is filled with the excitement of watching God at work.

What about you? Do you think perhaps life has dealt you too many difficulties and there's no way God can use you now? Take another look at Joseph. The God who brought him from the pit to the palace is the same God who promises you “I will never leave you.” Whatever God allows into your life, He will use for Good.

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Publisher India
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