Facing Grief - Puritan Paperbacks

By Flavel John

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ICM Price £4.79

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MARK DEVER Washington, D.C. December 2009 writes "I had owned this work for decades - but it was hidden at the back of volume five of the collected Works of Flavel.

I had read some of his more theological works, and the 'Puritan Paperback' edition of Flavel's The Mystery of Providence - one of my favorite Puritan works.

Now republished as Facing Grief: Counsel for Mourners, this new edition makes Flavel's Token for Mourners more accessible.

By publishing it separately, and in a lightly-edited form, the Banner of Truth Trust has allowed the work once again to take the form in which it knew such popularity among grieving Christians for 150 years - a small book, published on its own - the right size for carrying, and reading alone, slowly, and with meditation, reflection, and prayer. May reading these pages prayerfully remind you, believer, of our certain hope in Christ.

May you be protected from danger as you are led to Christ during your time of grief.

May you embrace the promises that we have in Christ, and find your heart pastored by this faithful minister of God�s Word."

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