Acts - ZECNT

By Schnabel Eckhard

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ICM Price £42.99

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Acts: Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament [ZECNT] by Eckhard J Schnabel and published by Zondervan.

Distinguished scholar Eckhard Schnabel brings a lifetime of Lukan scholarship full circle with this intricately detailed exegetical commentary on the book of Acts and his work allows the biblical interpreter to work through the text phrase by phrase and with incredible detail. Thematically. Schnabel pursues a course which traces the beginnings of Christianity Schnabel unpacks how the new 'messianic movement' emerged from Judiasm and began to incorporate gentiles as members of the new church. Schnabel's emphasis is sixfold:

1. The work of God through the exalted Jesus whose presents is now manifest in the Holy Spirit.

2. the significance of Jesus as Israel's Messiah and Savior, who directs the expansion of the new community.

3. The work of the Holy Spirit as the transforming power of the new community of believers.

4. The identity of the church as the community of God, comprised of Jews and Gentiles.

5. The mission of the church whose leaders take the Gospel unreached cities and regions of the Roman Empire.

6. The historical events and persons who played a role in the expansion of Christianity.

While this volume adds no new features unfamiliar to ZECNT readers, what differs is the enormity of its scope and the thematic patterns that are recognizable through the historical-grammatical method of exegesis practiced in this text. A must for ministers and Greek students, this text will remain a perennial and indispensable tool for years to come.

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